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Lighting Designer
Theatre 503
September 2023

How do you show and receive love as a Black man, especially a Black, openly gay roadman, when you have no guide?

Aidyn and Kairo are perfect together; they figured it out and have something strong that works for them. But one night after a party, the strength of their love is put to the ultimate test, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy and changing their relationship forever.

In his debut play, a queer, romantic multiverse drama about first love and jealousy. Ashley Byam explores the complexities of Black masculinity, the queer experience and what it means to have the perfect relationship. As the story unfolds and challenges arise, the play asks – what aspects of ourselves are we prepared to sacrifice to pursue the picture-perfect “romcom” ending?

Written by Ashley Byam

Directed by Ashley Byam

Set Design by Djordje Jovanovic

Costume Design by Claudine Sawan

Produced by Molly Moody

Assistant Produced by Tsipora St. Clair Knights

Dramaturgy by Rikki Beadle-Blair

Intimacy Direction by Enric Ortuño

Voice Coaching by Diarm Scahill

Production Dramatherapy by Wabriya King

Casting by Oliver Scullion

Stage Managed by Danielle Adeyinka-Uche

Photography by Korey J Ryan

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